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Cats Belong Indoors

Cats may love to go outside, but to save their lives, keep them inside. Although cats are smart, alert, and adroit, they are no match for the many perils that await them outside. That's why the average indoor-only cat lives up to three times longer than the cat that goes outside. Consider these threats: hit by cars, injury, poison, attacked by other animals, diseases, traps, parasites, and cruel people. Cats can be completely happy inside if you provide them with toys, good care, and lots of love and attention.

Your Cat Should Wear Tags

It's the law, and it could save your cat's life. Even the most responsible owners experience unexpected circumstances which cause pets to accidentally stray, becoming lost or injured.
Many pets brought to the City Pound are without tags. If not claimed within 3 days, or chosen by a rescue organization for adoption, they are euthanised. This tragedy would decrease dramatically if more pets were identified with tags.
All pets, including indoor cats, should wear collars with a city liscense tag, a rabies vaccination tag, and the owner's name and phone number.